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Pat Perrella, USS Slater DE 766 Volunteer Curator, in the C-203L compartment museum to guide personal tours

Al St. Jean

Harold Roth USS Tomich DE 242

DESA webmaster Pat Stephens sits in her father's position in the radioroom.

Eva Fox, daughter of the late Tom Gruber USS Brough DE 148, at the helm

Al Gregg USS Jaccard DE 355 in his position in the sonar room

Former quarters of Lt. Clifton W. Woltz who was present to offer personal tours.

Did you sleep here?

Remember the chow line?

Former USS Slater DE 766 crewmember

USS Brough DE 148 shipmates enjoying the tour

Sharing tales

Tim Rizutto talks with Pete Collura, PHM2/c, USS Douglas L. Howard DE 138

USS Menges DE 320 and USS J.R.Y. Blakely DE 140 crewmembers remembering their DE service

DESA members at the aft 40mm gun

Enjoying their guided tour

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