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Flags aboard USS Slater DE 766

The Memorial Service begins

Sam Saylor USS Connolly DE 306 and RADM Paul Czesak (Ret.) Master of Ceremony

Presentation of the Colors

Opening remarks by Sam Saylor, Chairman DEHM

Frank Lasch, President of DEHM, at the podium

Observing the ceremony

DESA members prepare to honor the crewmembers of DEs/APDs lost in service, all crewmembers lost in service and those who have since died.

A USS Leopold DE 319 crewmember remembering his lost shipmates

Remembering USS Holder DE 401

Remembering USS Donnell DE 56

Remembering USS Fechteler DE 157

Remembering USS Rich DE 695

A USS Fiske DE 143 crewmember remembers his lost shipmates

Remembering USS Shelton DE 407

Remembering USS Samuel B. Roberts DE 413

Remembering USS Eversole DE 404

Remembering USS Frederick C. Davis DE 136

Remembering USS England DE 635

Remembering USS Oberrender DE 344

A former crewmember remembers his USS Bates DE68/APD47 shipmates

Remembering USS Underhill DE 682

A former USS Roche DE 197 crewmember remembers his lost shipmates

Remembering USS Solar DE 221

Remembering the 17 Royal Navy DEs

Remembering all those who died aboard a DE and those who have since sailed their final sea

Rifle Salute by the Saratoga National Cemetery Honor Guard

Gun Salute - firing of the #3 3"/50mm gun, performed by Erik Collin, USS Slater staff

Taps is played by Steve Stella, CDR (Ret.) Albany Police Department

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