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Al St. Jean USS Otterstetter DE 244 displays his memorabilia from past conventions. He is the only DESA member who has attended every convention!

Books were popular in the Ship Store

Men's Ship's Store

Ladies' Ship's Store

LtoR: Pat Stephens, DESA webmaster and Pat Perrella, USS Slater DE 766 volunteer curator, holding a photo of their departed friend Anne McCarthy

Sharing old memories of their time on a DE. On right is Ken "Duffy" Morgan USS Fieberling DE 640

Hillard Gabrilove USS Menges DE 320 shares documents with DESA webmaster Pat Stephens

Mr & Mrs Berry and Mr & Mrs William Grundon USS Evarts DE 5 shipmates

Robin Parkes-Pfeil

LtoR: Pat Stephens, John Cosgrove, USS Gendreau DE 639, and Georgia Jones

Rex Thorne, USS Heyliger DE 510

Dori Glaser, DESA office manager

Tim Rizzuto USS Slater DE 766 superintendent and Dori Glaser

Tom R. Hayward, USS John R. Perry DE 1034 and Glenda Luttiz

Bob Ross USS Parks DE 165 and Donna Zoe

Right: Milt Kochert, USS Coolbaugh DE 217

Oh, that fun loving USS Coolbaugh DE 217 gang

USS Coolbaugh DE 217

USS Coolbaugh DE 217 gang

Mr & Mrs Santos Jones, USS Coolbaugh DE 217

Lou Riccitelli, USS Coolbaugh DE 217

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