In a tradition going back to the earliest days of DESA, a memorial service was held Thursday morning honoring all who have died in service, especially recalling those men who served in the 16 US and 17 British DEs lost.

New board President George Weidman read the ship name and number of fallen crewmembers of each lost DE as a Powerpoint presentation, by webmaster Pat Stephens, displayed a photo of each ship and listed the names of each crewmember lost.  A single bell toll honored each ship and her crew as a ship representative placed a carnation on a memorial table lovingly prepared by Phyllis Gruber.

Silent and public tears were shed as those in attendance remembered the ultimate sacrifice of so many fallen DE sailors.  The playing of TAPS closed the very emotional service.

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DESA board members preparing to open the memorial service. At the far right is Angie Ager, wife of president Dick Ager.



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