Throughout the day, the spacious comfortable lobby outside the DESA convention area was a favorite gathering spot for relaxing and enjoying old friends.  Various displays were presented which included an overview of this website,, and the DESA Roll of Honor listing the over 1,000 names of the men and their ships who lost their lives in service aboard a DE. 

The signin board for convention attendees also was present and was viewed often as crewmembers checked to see if their shipmates has arrived.

Monday evenings Early Bird gathering was the kickoff of the convention.  DESA President Dick Ager (USS GANTNER DE 60) and his board of directors and Angie Ager along with her Ladies' Auxiliary board members greeted and welcomed each convention attendee as he entered the reception hall.  Large round tables with plenty of chairs dotted the room, surrounding a beautifully appointed cheese hors d'oeuvre table.

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The signin boards for convention attendees.



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