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Returning to its roots for a special celebration, DESA's Annual Convention was held in Orlando, FL., October 9-13, 2005.  The first Convention was held there in 1976.  The return home was a successful journey.

Al St.Jean's display of 30 years of convention programs and badges

There were 320 in attendance with 27 first time attendees.  As in the past, and gaining in popularity, the convention was a family affair.  Many DE sailors were surrounded by their sons, daughters and grandchildren.  Not only is Al St. Jean the only DESA member who has attended every convention, he had the largest family group in attendance, numbering ten.

Over 40 in attendance represented USS COOLBAUGH DE-217.  USS BROUGH DE/DER -148 ran a close second with their fine group.

All DESA events were well attended.  Two important events took place on Wednesday when two members were elected to the DESA board of directors and elections were held for the Ladies' Auxiliary board of directors.

Please see the following pages for specific event information and photos. 

A Special Thanks To Al Gregg, USS JACCARD DE-355, for his assistance to the webmaster during the convention!

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