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USS Tabberer DE 418

US Navy Unit Commendation


The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in commending the UNITED STATES SHIP TABBERER

"For service as follows:

" For extremely meritorious service in the rescue of the survivors following the foundering of two United States Destroyers in the Western Pacific typhoon of December 18, 1944.
Unmaneuverable in the wind-lashed seas, fighting to maintain her course while repeatedly falling back into the trough, with her mast lost and all communication gone, the U.S.S TABBERER rode out the tropical typhoon and, with no opportunity to repair the damage, gallantly started her search for survivors. Steaming at ten knots, she stopped at short intervals and darkened her decks where the  entire crew topside, without sleep or rest for 36 hours, stood watch to listen for the whistles and shouts of survivors and to scan the turbulent waters for the small lights attached to kapok jackets wich appeared and then became obscured in troughs blocked off by heavy seas. Locating one survivor or a group, the TABBERER stoutly maneuverd to winward, drifting down to her objective and effecting rescues in safety despite the terrific rolling which plunged her main deck under water. again and again conducted an expanding box search, persevering in her hazardous mission for another day and night until she had rescued fifty-five storm tossed and exhausted survivors and had brought them aboard to be examined, treated and clothed. Brave and seaworthy in her ready service, the TABBERER, in this heroic achievement, has implemented the daring seamanship and courage of her officers and men."

All personnel attached to and serving on board the TABBERER, during the above mentioned operation are hereby authorized to wear the NAVY UNIT COMMENDATION RIBBON.

/s/ James Forrestal
Secretary of the Navy


Information from the USS Tabberer web site



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