The DESA Banquet! A Wonderful Affair. 476 In Attendance!

The Pledge of Allegiance

A Lone Table Was Set In Honor Of Those Who Have Sailed Their Final Seas. Phyllis Gruber and Merle Josefiak, USS Naifeh DE 352, Conduct The Ceremony.

The DESA Board Of Directors

The KY Convention Bureau Donation To DESA

Angie Ager Presents Donations To DESA and USS Slater From The Ladies Auxiliary

Prize Winners! Front: Alex E. Andersen, USS Whitman DE 24, 3rd Place, Aubrey Biggs, USS Gunason DE 795 2nd Place and Melba Sportsman 1st Place

USS Reynolds DE 42 Shipmates LtoR: Front: Will Schenk, Herb Wolff, Bolton Strauch, Mick McCorkell.

Back Row: Owen Nicholson, Walter Kline, Louis Nolan, Edgar Schulz. Total of 25 in Attendance Representing DE 42.

Mr&Mrs Mick McCorkell, Mr&Mrs Louis Nolan and Mr&Mrs Edgar Schultz, USS Reynolds DE 42

USS Fieberling DE 640. LtoR: Jeanett and Dodd Bleckert, Sara and Hartch Tashjan, Regina and Levi Schepers, Sheila and Leo Casey

continued - Ann and Harry Gaucher, Lois and Ray Windle, and Jerry Rehbein

USS Naumann DE 416

Angie and Tom Kidd, USS Willett DE 354

Tom Kidd and Robert Kessler Shipmates From USS Willett DE 354

Mr. Neil Slack, USS Roche DE 197

Dancing the Night Away


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