DESA Board of Directors Met Before The Convention Began

Men's Ship's Store

Ed Glaser Manning The Men's Ship's Store

Sharing Memories

USS Brough DE 148 shipmates LtoR: Frank Gotovich, Jack Evans and Rod Blue

USS Brough DE 148, LtoR: William Wilson, Stan Pachucki, Fred Perkins, Paolo Monaco and Roy Perkins

USS Strickland DE/DER 333 Enjoy Time Together

USS Strickland DE/DER 333 - Mr. & Mrs. Joel Weinstein

USS Strickland DE/DER 333 Contact Person Al Trey with his wife, Gloria

USS Bebas DE 10 Shipmates LtoR: Front: Dom Zucca, Don Gingery, Back: Don Leineweber, Thomas Boselli, Bill Techilleu

LtoR: Dick Breil, unknown, unknown, Tim Rizzuto, Mr.&Mrs. Martin Davis and Dave Perlstein

Al St.Jean USS Otterstetter DE 244. The Only Man Who Has Attended Every DESA Convention

Ralph Parkes-Pfeil and Charlie Blincow, HMS Gardiner K478/DE274, UK Captain's Class Frigate Association


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